Day to day political coordination of the Coalition rests in the hands of the Coalition Chair. The chair of the Coalition rotates among member states on an annual basis. The chair provides diplomatic support and coordinates the overall FOC activities and meetings alongside the international conferences. Past chairs have also hosted the annual FO Conferences in The Hague, Nairobi, Tunis Tallinn, Ulaanbaatar and San Jose.

The Chair is assisted by the Friends of the Chair, a group of FOC members currently comprising Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, the UK and the USA. The group provides support to the current chair to assist with the diplomatic work and the preparation of the annual FO Conference and ensure continuity from year to year.

The Coalition is currently being chaired by the Friends of the Chair group in the absence of a Coalition Chair. 

In 2013, the Coalition further established issue-specific working groups that continued dialogue in-between formal FOC meetings. These multistakeholder working groups for 15-20 members worked towards practical outcomes on key issues of concern to Internet freedom and human rights. The mandate of these groups came to an end in May 2017.

The FOC Support Unit is a neutral, third party secretariat that provides a range of administrative and coordinative assistance to the Coalition and its members. It also acts as a point of contact for anyone wishing to know more about the work of the Coalition. Currently, this function is held by Global Partners Digital, a social purpose company based in London.