Informal Meetings

As identified in the founding statement, FOC member countries have committed to work closely together in international fora to assure as much support for human rights online as possible.

In between the annual conferences, members of the Coalition regularly gathered informally as governments and in consultation with other stakeholders at numerous conferences and intergovernmental meetings relevant to Internet freedom as well as in specific countries, to coordinate viewpoints, share relevant information, and discuss strategies to advance an open Internet in each context.

There have been many FOC meetings in the past couple of years, in forums ranging from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Internet Governance Forum and the Stockholm Internet Forum.

The FOC attempts to coordinate work in these global fora by convening coordination meetings prior to important sessions and by sharing relevant information with those Coalition members unable to attend the meeting itself.

Occasionally, the Coalition also organizes separate sessions and workshops in international forums themselves in order to invite cooperation with other states and stakeholders.

Individual FOC members belonging to certain regions also try to meet ahead of relevant congresses, conferences and events of regional intergovernmental organisations, companies and civil society organisations where appropriate, and provide feedback to all FOC members.