FOC Launches Revised Terms of Reference

On May 17, at the FOC Strategy an Coordination Meeting held at the Stockholm Internet Forum, the FOC officially adopted its new Terms of Reference (TOR).

The new TOR – known as the “Stockholm Terms of Reference”– contains, inter alia, updates to the Coalition’s membership criteria, the future of multistakeholder participation, and provides clarification of FOC’s working methods.

The revision of the TOR represents a key outcome of the FOC Strategic Review which culminated at the 6th Annual Freedom Online Conference in Costa Rica in October 2016 with the adoption of the San José Statement. The Statement and accompanying Work Plan set forth the Coalition’s aims and priority activities and offered a blueprint for revising the previous Nairobi Terms of Reference to update the FOC structure and operations to support its objectives.

Since Costa Rica, the development of the TOR has been spearheaded by the FOC Terms of Reference Working Group, which has held a series of virtual and physical consultations with FOC members, as well as other FOC stakeholders to inform the draft.

The new TOR will serve as the basis for Coalition’s continued efforts to advance human rights online.